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At 8:00 on July 18, the chainext100 index, which reflects the overall trend of the cryptocurrency market, rose 2.86% in the past 24 hours, with a turnover of US $51.869 billion, an increase of 5.66% over the previous 24 hours. Among the index's components, 88 tokens were up and 12 were down. The chainext5 index, which reflects the performance of large blue chip cryptocurrencies, rose 2.51% in the past 24 hours and reached US $43.553 billion The number of transactions increased by 5.35% over the previous 24 hours; bitcoin bitcoin, a decentralized, non universal global payment encryption digital currency, while most countries believe that bitcoin is a virtual commodity, not a currency. The concept of bitcoin was born in a paper signed by Nakamoto Nakamoto in 2008. On January 3, 2009, based on the peer-to-peer network without borders, it was invented with consensus initiative open-source software. The number of bitcoin agreements is capped at 21 million to avoid inflation. Using bitcoin is to use the private key as a digital signature, allowing individuals to pay directly to others without going through third-party institutions such as banks, clearing centers, securities dealers, etc., thus avoiding the problems of high fees, cuhwo to create a digital currencymbersome procedures and regulatory issues. Any user who has a digital device that can connect to the Internet can use it. Bitcoin BTCBitcoin sees more bubble index (BBI index) at 77.51 points, up 0.63% over the past 24 hours.

The digital asset trading platform of coin and coin blockchain leads the innovation mode of currency transaction, provides users with more secure and convenient digital currency exchange service, and aggregates global high-quality digital currency,

Joe has degrees from Stanford University and the University of Michigan. Dan schatt, co-founder and President of cred, said the two industry elites would bring cred a more international vision and help attract 100 million new users into the digital currency family in the future. According to the data of block123.com, cred (LBA) is an open financial ecosystem based on blockchain and cryptocurhwo to create a digital currencyrency. It has cooperated with a number of commercial insurance institutions, landing and covering users in more than 180 countries.

More people should have access to financial services and cheap capital, and everyone should have the inherent right to control the fruits of their legitimate labor. They believe that open, immediate and low-cost global currency flows will create great economic opportunities and business value for the world, and that people will increasingly trust decentralized management. The global monetary and financial infrastructure should be designed and managed as a public good. Everyone has a responsibility to help promote financial inclusion, support users who abide by Internet ethics, and continue to maintain the integrity of this ecosystem. Viewing more on Facebook Libra really triggered off digital currency. Powell said that Libra came very quickly, which aroused people's attention. If digital currency projects such as Libra released by large-scale science and technology network are used by people, it may be spread widely and rapidly, and produce systematic importance quickly. When asked about the progress of the US central bank in the area of digital currency (CBDC), Powell said that we are making efforts to this end, we are carrying out a number of projects, and we are making a lot of efforts to this end. But Powell stressed that the Fed has not officially started creating or issuing digital dollars. Because in the United States, there are many questions to be answered about digital currency, including network issues, privacy issues, etc.