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Federal Reserve governor Lael Brainard said on Thursday that the Federal Reserve is currently conducting research and testing based on a hypothetical digital dollar to establish and test virtual currencies for central bank purposes, according to a report by Bloomberg. In addition to the internal team of the Federal Reserve,digital currency bank that busted start with g research teams from the Boston fed and MIT also participated in the research and development. According to James Cunha, senior vice president of the Boston fed who oversees the project, the first step is to build engines and software that can meet the demand for digital money. From huge transaction volume to security and privacy, there are multiple challenges. But it is not clear whether the digital currency will be officially issued.

Force protocol force protocol the force protocol is a blockchain open financial platform supported by well-known investment institutions such as ICBC capital and Bawei capital, which is built for the application of distributed financial services. By abstracting and encapsulating the distributed financial business process, the one-stop solution is used to enable decentralized financial application development in the form of SDK and API. It provides an open platform for decentralized application development such as decentralized lending, stable currency, bonds and derivatives trading. At the Chengdu summit of the World Digital Mining Conference, Xu Chao, COO, said that he has been exploring how to apply blockchain technology to practical application. There are inevitable problems such as centralization in Internet finance, and blockchain can solve the problems of trust and value transmission. It seems impossible to complete transactions on the Internet, but with blockchain and cryptocurrency, this can be achieved without a centralized platform. If you are interested in blockchain technology, you can consider decentralized lending. In addition to trust, you can obtain bond certificates after the platform borrows well, you can get interest, and you can also combine it with other defo products. One of the new scenarios of low-frequency lending and borrowing is to explore the application of low-frequency lending,

The Russian State Duma (house of Commons of the Federal Assembly) updated the draft bill on digital financial assets and some other documents related to encryption regulation, and publicly consulted. The bill would ban the circulation, exploitation and public offering of all cryptocurrencies. Those who violate the relevant regulations will be punished by law. Anatoly aksaksakov, a member of Russia's State Duma, said Russia's new encryption law would not take effect until this summer. There will be no digital currency platform in Russia. However, blockchain technology itself is still feasible. Forbes said the new law does not mean that Russians cannot legally own digital financial assets. The Russian central digital currency bank that busted start with gbank has not yet introduced the rule (Draft).

Piyush Gupta, chief executive of Singapore's DBS, said its digital currency trading platform did not intend to open up to retail investors in the near future. Due to the high price volatility of digital currency, it is more suitable for institutional investors and qualified investors who have a better understanding of asset attributes.

PayPal plans to support more digital currencies in the future, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said on a third quarter earnings call, accordindigital currency bank that busted start with gg to the block. PayPal's digital wallet platform and its current size can support the utility of these currencies. PayPal's encryption capabilities have been extended to 10% of the user base. On the central bank's digital currency (CBDC), Dan Schulman said PayPal would work with regulators in the field of digital currency to accept new forms of digital currency. In addition, Dan Schulman said PayPal would increase the weekly cryptocurrency purchase limit from $10000 to $15000, according to cointegraph. According to PayPal's cryptocurrency service terms, the weekly purchase limit is $10000 and the annual purchase limit is $50000.

Hyperpayhyperpayhyperpay is a technology enterprise that aims to bring inclusive financial services to the world. It was first registered in Melbourne, Australia. The digital wallet project was launched in 2017 and officially launched in February 2018,