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According to Forbes, cuy Sheffield, senior director and head of encryption progilluminati card game digital currencyram at visa, a payment giant, said,

According to chain news, in October this year, JP Morgan set up a new Department Onyx for blockchain and digital currency projects. The intraday buy back application is deployed on the platform developed by Onyx and uses jpmcoin as the cash source.

Making Lithuania at the forefront of the development of legal digital currency. According to chain news, previously reported that as early as 2018, Lithuania launched the lbchain blockchain platform project, actively studying blockchain and CBDC. The illuminati card game digital currencyLithuanian central bank has completed the user acceptance test (UAT) of e-stores, and services provided by third parties (such as KYC and collection services) have also been tested.

A group of 70 MPs from Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party is studying a proposal to issue a digital currency in Japan, which may be submitted next month, Reuters reported. Norihiro Nakayama, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party and Deputy Minister for foreign affairs of Parliament, said that China was moving towards the issuance of digital RMB, so it was necessary to propose countermeasures. He also said that Japan's digital currency may require the government and private companies to work together, and the group plans to submit its proposal to the government as early as next month. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo will also find a way to facilitate the Japanese government to study the Japanese yen as a means of currency settlement.

According to local Russian media Interfax, the Russian central bank is starting to test the stable currency linked to real assets in the regulatory sandbox. Elvira nabiullina, President of the Central Bank of Russia, said the sandbox was designed for companies who want to issue stable coins linked to physical assets. The Bank of Russia does not believe that these stable currencies will become alternative currencies for payment means or legal currencies, but is exploring the potential uses of stable currencies. The report also said that Russia's central bank is continuing to explore the possibility of issuing itsilluminati card game digital currency central bank digital currency numbers that anchor the ruble. Nabiullina said the bank would first consider the experience of the rest of the world to understand the potential benefits of central bank digital money.