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Vachira arromdee, vice president of the Bank of Thailand, said the Bank of Thailand's central bank digital currency (CBDC) project had entered the third phase of development and planned to expand its use in large enterprises. The central bank is already using CBDC to conduct financial transactions with some large enterprises. The central bank is also considering extending the use of cryptocurrency to the general public, but a comprehensive study must be completed before such action can be taken. Vachira arromdee said cryptocurrencies could have a negative impact on commercial banks, as intermediaries are no longer needed for financial transactions. But on the positive side, she said, it would reduce the cost of finamester digital currencyncial transactions. According to previous reports, the Bank of Thailand announced last month a prototype project to develop a commercial decentralized payment system. The project will be built on the basis of the Nathan project. The scope of the project will include conducting feasibility studies and developing an innovation platform integrating CBDC and enterprises. The intonon project is a distributed ledger project initiated by the Bank of Thailand in cooperation with the country's eight major commercial banks.

Wal Mart, the retail giant, is planning to issue a stable dollar linked to the U.S. dollar, aiming to provide a lower cost alternative to the banking system for low-income families, according to a document released by the U.S. patent and Trademark Office on Thursday. According to the patent document, Wal Mart will issue a digital currency that anchors the conventional currency. This blockchain based digital currency may be linked to the U.S. dollar and is limited to designated retailers or partners. As one of the most active players in the blockchain field, Wal Mart has so far submitted at least 54 patents related to blockchain.

A notice on public consultation of the law of the people's Republic of China (Dmester digital currencyraft Amendment) was issued. According to the draft, RMB includes both physical and digital forms, which provides legal basis for the issuance of digital currency. To prevent the risk of virtual currency, no unit or individual is allowed to make or sell token bills and digital tokens to replace RMB in circulation on the market (articles 19 and 22).

He is an award-winning journalist for business week and Bloomberg business week, and was a PR director at Netflix, a technology giant. Cliff Edwards was responsible for global marketing and public relations activities during his career at wave field Tron, including planning and helping sun win a charity lunch with Warren Buffet. Cred said that the addition of cliffedwards will accelerate cred's global expansion and market cooperation, and help lead future new users into the blockchain and digital asset world. According to the data of, cred is an open financial ecosystem of encrypted digital currency based on blockchain technology. Cred has reached cooperation with a number of industry-leading companies and commercial insurance institutions. Cred's financial service products have landed and covered users in more than 170 countries around the world.