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According to the edge markets, Datuk Syed Zaid Albar, chairman of the Malaysian Securities Commission (SC), announced in a telephone conference call on investing in Malaysia 2020 on July 7 that the Islamic Law Advisory Committee has decided to allow investment and trading of digital currencies on registered exchangedoes reddit use digital currencys in principle. The advisory body responsible for the supervision of Islamic law compliance in Malaysia is the advisory body. Since about 60% of Malaysia's population is Muslim, many people have previously been reluctant to trade cryptocurrencies for fear of not complying with Islamic law. This is equivalent to clarifying the position of the Islamic Sharia Advisory Committee on cryptocurrency transactions. So far, there are three digital asset exchanges registered through SC and allowed to operate in the country: luno, sinegy and tokenize.

7) To be responsible for the filing management of securities information technology system service agencies; 8) to undertake other tasks assigned by the CSRC.

According to the Russian media Izvestia, Denis Novak, the Minister of justice of Russia, said that if the current draft of the digital assets bill is passed, it will bring difficulties in the implementation of many departments, including the federal judicial police. This is because members of Congress have proposed to prohibit citizens from engaging in any cryptocurrency related transaction other than inheritance rights and administrative debt repayment, but this will result in the police being unable to sell digital currency in law enforcement procedures. To avoid this, Denis Novak proposes a government agency through which digital currency holders can sell it abroad. In addition, the chairman of the Russian does reddit use digital currencyLaw Commission pointed out that too vague and vague wording created room for arbitrary interpretation by regulators. Not only could encrypted transactions be restricted, but loyalty programs, crowdfunding and philanthropic programs could also be restricted, according to the communications commission. Note: the State Duma Financial Market Committee of Russia has sent a package of draft bills related to digital financial assets (CFA) and electronic currency circulation to relevant departments and Russian banks, including amendments to the administrative and criminal law. A fine of 500000 rubles will be imposed on an individual, and a maximum of five years' forced labor and a maximum of seven years' imprisonment will be imposed if serious damage is caused 。

According to the December 23 business news, Tencent, a technology giant, will set up a digital currency research group to study the innovative business model and test the application scenarios. Tencent issued a notice on establishing a digital currency research project team (Virtual Organization) and appointing relevant responsible person, which said that it would establish a digital currency research project group (Virtual Organization) under the payment infrastructure platform and financial application line of enterprise development business group. The project team is responsible for promoting the digital currency research project, following up and implementing the latest policies of relevant government departments, carrying out digital currency related research, business model innovation and application scenario landing verification. According to the source, the move is in response to the State Council's suggestion on Shenzhen demonstration zone, namely, to launch digital currency research and mobile payment and other innovative applications in Shenzhen. According to an internal letter from Tencent, the research group to be established aims to promote the company's layout in the field of payment and promote the long-term healthy development of the business. At the same time, various departments such as wechat and payment infrastructure platform must also play a collaborative role to follow up the latest development of government policies. Some analysts believe that as Facebook plans to launch its own cryptocurrency Libra in the United States, it also needs the participation of private enterprises and corresponding deployment when it has the opportunity to launch the central bank digital currency at the government level.

The defi synthetic asset agreement linearfinance linearfinance is a decentralized Delta one asset agreement designed to create, manage, trade, and provide liquidity seamlessly and instantly. Linalinearlinear view mordoes reddit use digital currencye (Lina) to test the online line linear exchange function. stay Linear.Exchange In the test network, users can test the use of linear exchange's base currency ℓ USD to purchase synthetic asset investment product liquid, so as to obtain investment asset exposure. In the main network line, linear will provide a complete set of tradable investment assets. At present, the synthetic assets investment products provided by linear include liquid bitcoin (ℓ BTC), liquid Ethereum (ℓ ETH) and liquid 10 main index (ℓ hb10). Hb10 index comes from firecoin global station and consists of 10 digital currencies with the largest market value, scale and circulation. According to previous reports, linear launched the linearbuilder function of the test network on October 16. Buildr is part of linear's decentralized suite. Users can pledge Lina tokens to create the base currency of linear exchange ℓ USD.